Emulate Azure Storage locally with Azurite

Test and develop your storage applications without the cloud.

Azure Azurite is an open-source emulator that provides a local environment for testing and developing Azure Blob, Queue, and Table Storage applications. This lightweight emulator works seamlessly with Azure Storage SDKs and tools, allowing you to simulate real-world storage scenarios without the need for an Azure Storage account.

Azurite stores data to the local disk during execution. Once the development & testing are completed, pushing to production is as simple as changing the connectionstring.

Benefits of using Azurite:

- Reduced costs: Eliminate the need for cloud-based storage resources during development.

- Simplified setup: Azurite is straightforward to install and configure, allowing you to quickly get started with local testing. You can also install this as a VS Code extension, among other installation methods.

- Offline development: Develop and test storage applications without an internet connection.

- Faster iterations: Quickly test and iterate on your storage code without incurring cloud-based charges.

Once Azurite is installed and starts listening to the requests, it will be recognized by the Azure Storage Explorer.